Pathao partners with Green Delta Insurance to introduce insurance coverage for ridesharing.


Pathao partners with Green Delta Insurance to introduce insurance coverage for ridesharing.

Pathao has launched an insurance programme in partnership with Green Delta Insurance, to ensure a safe commuting experience for all users and riders.

The ridesharing platform announced the decision on the National Road Safety Day on October 21, according to a press release.


Under the insurance policy, Pathao users, riders and captains will receive coverage in case of accidents while using Pathao rides.

The coverage includes out-patient expenses, hospitalisation expenses, permanent disability, and accidental death up to Tk 100,000, it said.

Pathao already offers several features to ensure safety, including GPS tracking, necessary information of passengers, riders and captains, VoIP call and an emergency button to directly connect with the National Emergency service.Now, Pathao users, riders and captains will have insurance coverage from when they start the trip till the end. However, offline trips (trips completed outside of the Pathao app) would not be covered under the insurance programme, Pathao said.Fahim Ahmed, president of Pathao, said, “This announcement emphasises our commitment to protect our users, riders, and captains, and provides them peace of mind as well as financial support.”

“As ridesharing becomes more popular, and is embraced by even customers, this insurance policy will be a beacon for the rest of the industry,” he said.Farzanah Chowdhury, managing director and chief executive officer of Green Delta Insurance, said, “We are very happy to announce the insurance solution in collaboration with Pathao for providing financial compensation in case of medical treatment, permanent disability and accidental demise of passengers, riders and captains.””Our proficiency in risk understanding and knowledge of various insurance solutions has helped us to build insurance solutions that are relevant to diverse consumer needs.”


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