Is the growth of Grameenphone and Robi stopping?

Grameenphone’s Q3 earnings drop
Grameenphone’s Q3 earnings drop

Telecom operators around the world are constantly engaged in the process of business growth with diverse and innovative services to their customers. But in Bangladesh, a kind of negative trend can be observed in telecom operators providing diversified and innovative services to their customers. As a result, even though the number of their customers has increased, the pace of business growth seems to be slowing down, say analysts.

A similar picture is emerging in the financial reports of two multinational companies listed on the country’s stock exchange. Although the corona epidemic has led to an increase in operators’ data-driven services, it has not had much of an impact on revenue or profits. In this case, as well as the low cost of services, unhealthy competition is also responsible. Besides, the operators have had to back away from investing in various services due to control. Again, they are not able to create the expected source of income due to the lack of innovative products and services.

Services to telecom operators in other parts of the world include Direct to Home (DTH), Internet data connection, IP Leased Line, WiMAX and Over the Top (OTT) services. At one time there was an opportunity to provide various data-based services in the country under the telecom operator license, but it has been discontinued later. Now these services are being operated under separate licenses.

According to the sources of the telecom companies, the operators have come up with various digital services to diversify their business. Earlier, it had expressed interest in launching several other services like e-commerce and mobile financial services but it was not approved. On the other hand, their control over infrastructure has decreased.

However, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar has spoken out against the demands of the operators. He said operators are lagging behind in improving the quality of their core services. They are not making the necessary investment to increase the quality of customer service. This needs to be confirmed first for business growth. The regulatory body continues to offer operators various discounts.



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