Renator with a capital of Tk 96 crore has a profit of Rs 508 crore

Renata Dividend Declaration
Renata Dividend Declaration

Renator with a capital of Tk 96 crore has a profit of Rs 508 crore


Almost all the domestic companies keep the profit in the company by giving regular bonus shares in the name of business expansion. Even then profits do not increase. However, like multinational companies, Renata Limited’s regular profit increases after paying more than 100 percent cash dividend. Even with a paid-up capital of Tk 96 crore, it makes more profit than a domestic company worth Tk 1,000 crore.

Renata has no record of paying dividends below 100 percent in its last eight years. Where it becomes difficult for other domestic companies to pay 10 percent dividend. In the meantime, there are bonus shares again.

Renator has made a net profit of Tk 508.15 crore in the fiscal year 2020-21 with a paid up capital of Tk 96.44 crore.


Against this profit, the board of the company has decided to pay a dividend of Tk 151.04 crore at the rate of 155 per cent (145% cash and 10% bonus). Which is not possible for many banks in the stock market of thousands of crores.

The previous year’s dividend was 140 percent (130% cash and 10% bonus). As a result, the amount of dividend declared for the fiscal year 2020-21 has increased.

Even then, the company’s share price was not affected today (October 24). The company’s previous day’s share price of 1440.10 rupees is being traded at 1440.30 rupees.


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