Walton starts exporting fans to Africa’s Mali

Walton starts exporting fans to Africa’s Mali
Walton starts exporting fans to Africa’s Mali

Walton starts exporting fans to Africa’s Mali

Walton High-ups at the inaugural ceremony of exporting Walton fans to Mali.

In the latest move of its global presence, Bangladeshi Superbrand Walton has started exporting fans to the West African nation Mali. As an authorized distributor of Walton, Mali’s Simpara Group, which has extensive business networks in Mali and Senegal, will sold out the Bangladeshi electronics giant’s own products.

According to sources, Mali has the electrical appliances market worth of around $30 million. An agreement was signed earlier this year between Walton and Simpara. According to it, the African company will import various Walton products including refrigerator, air conditioner, home and electric appliance, laptop, mobile phones and sell them in their market.

A programme titled “Inaugural Ceremony: Exporting Walton Fans to Mali” was held in this regard at Walton Corporate Office in Dhaka on Tuesday (October 19, 2021).

Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited Deputy Managing Directors Nazrul Islam Sarker, Amdadul Haque Sarker and Eva Rezwana Nilu, Senior Executive Director SM Zahid Hasan, Executive Director Abdullah Al Mamun, Walton International Business Unit’s President Edward Kim, Electrical Appliances’ Chief Business Officer (CBO) Sohel Rana, Deputy CBO Rubel Ahmed and Walton’s Mali Market Concern Shabbir Hasan Khan, Electrical Appliance’s Brand Manager Zakibur Rahman Shejan were present at that time.

Sohel Rana said, Walton’s products are being exported to over 40 countries around the world. Exporting fans to Mali will play an important role in expanding businesses in other African countries. This export process will create a milestone in achieving Walton’s ‘Vision Go Global 2030’.

Edward Kim said, Walton is bringing fame to Bangladesh with the exports of its various types of ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labeled products around the globe. At this moment, Mali is one of the emerging economies in Africa with potential market for electrical appliances. We are confident that we will gain positive feedbacks from the Malians as well.

Zakibur Rahman Shejan said, Walton is exporting products around the world through over 100 business partners. Earlier in March this year, Mamadou DIT N’fa Simpara, the Managing Director of Simpara Group, visited the Walton factory at Chandra in Gazipur and applauded the state-of-the art factories of Walton and its production process


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